_OMA Wins Its First Bridge: Pont Jean-Jacques Bosc

Image OMA, Artefactory, Frans Parthesius. Image Courtesy of OMA OMA has won an international competition to designPont Jean-Jacques Bosc, a bridge across the river Garonne in Bordeaux, France, that will link the municipalities ofBègles and Floriac. The 44m by 545mbridge, which will act as “a generous new public space” and “an urban planning intervention” for the city, giving priority to pedestrian traffic, is the first to be realized by OMA. It is scheduled for completion in 2018. According to Clément Blanchet, director of OMA France, the bridge”is not the ‘event’ in the city, but a platform that can accommodate events of the city […it]may be the least technical, least lyrical, but [it is] the most concise and effective structural solution.” The architect’s description of the project, after the break… 珍藏这幅画! Courtesy of OMA Jean-Jacques Bosc 大桥坐落于法国波尔多Euratlantique整体规划的管理中心方向,完工后将沦落Bègles和Floriac两区中间的最重要联络。